Hip Hop Dance

Mar 6, 2023 Uncategorized

hip hop dance

Hip hop dance is a style of dancing influenced by African American and Latino culture. It originated in the 1970s when African American and Latino youth embraced hip hop music. These dancers were not professionally trained but had a natural instinct for movement, which allowed them to create the hip hop movement.

There are many different styles of hip hop dance and they all have their own characteristics. However, most people are familiar with the two major types of hip hop dance: breaking and social dancing.

Breaking: The original form of hip hop dance is called breakdancing, which emerged in the Bronx in the late 1970s. It has no structured choreography, but instead uses improvisational movements that are synchronized to the music. It was widely popular and is still a popular dance form today.

Popping: Another major element of hip hop dance is popping, which is a series of quick moves that creates a jerking effect. This is done by jerking your body in different ways in response to the beat of the music.

Locking: A second technique used in hip hop is locking, which is similar to popping, but involves your body freezing into different positions for short periods of time. This technique was developed by a California native named Sam Solomon and was an important influence on the early West Coast hip hop scene.

There are several health benefits of learning to dance, including boosting your mood and improving your motor skills. It also strengthens your bones, which can help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Dancing is also a great way to improve your confidence, and can help you overcome anxiety and depression.