Country Music’s Hottest TikTok Trend

Mar 11, 2023 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

“Fancy Like” has become one of the biggest songs in Country music this summer, and it all started with a TikTok video. Mobile, Alabama country star Walker Hayes and his daughter Lela filmed a dance to the song and posted it on social media. It’s since racked up millions of views and became one of the latest TikTok dancing trends.

“Fancy Like” is a fun, upbeat song celebrating a more affordable lifestyle. It has climbed up the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, topped the iTunes US All Genre Chart and is currently #4 on Spotify’s Viral 50. It’s a song that is getting so much attention that even Applebee’s restaurants are now featuring the song in their commercials!

‘Fancy Like’ was written by Hayes, Cameron Bartolini and Shane Stevens. During a writing session, they started talking about the misconceptions people often have about artists. They discovered that a lot of people had a negative perception of country artists, and they decided to create a song that would counteract this.

It was actually one of the first songs that Hayes wrote for his latest EP Country Stuff. He knew he wanted to write something that was going to get him more attention on the radio, but he wasn’t expecting it to be this successful.

He and his team wrote the song to make it fun for their fans and to highlight a more affordable lifestyle. They hope it helps dispel the idea that big money is the only way to be successful in the music industry.