Fancy Like Dance – A Song About Simple Pleasures

Mar 25, 2023 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

Fancy Like dance is a song by country singer Walker Hayes that has taken over the internet with its infectious lyrics and catchy melody. And for good reason: It’s about simple pleasures and how to celebrate them.

The song, which topped the charts within weeks of its release and has since spent 8 weeks at the top of Billboard’s Country Songs chart, has been a big part of Hayes’ success. But what really made the track a hit is how the music video for it with his daughter, Lela, went viral on TikTok.

“When I first started making music and getting my name out there, I wanted it to be a way for people to connect with me and understand that even though I was in the spotlight, I still wanted to spend time with my family. And that’s what this song is all about,” says Hayes.

He said that the song came from a conversation between his co-writers Josh Jenkins, Cameron Bartolini and Shane Stevens. They were brainstorming ideas for a song about faith, love and God’s grace.

After that conversation, Jenkins thought of the phrase “fancy like” and decided to use it to describe how he enjoys simple things in life. And then he wrote the lyrics.

When he released the song on June 11, 2021, it quickly became an internet sensation with millions of views and millions of users dancing to the song. And it wasn’t long before the song was featured in a national Applebee’s campaign, too.