How to Teach a Dance Lesson

Mar 31, 2023 Uncategorized

A dance lesson is a fun way to learn new skills and improve physical fitness. It also helps students develop self-discipline and motivation.

A good dance teacher can help students achieve a variety of goals by teaching them different styles of dancing, helping them find their personal best, and allowing them to work at their own pace. Whether a student is an experienced dancer or an absolute beginner, there are lessons for everyone at all levels of strength and ability.

Dances with a Higher Concept

In addition to presenting dance steps, it is important to communicate a theme or higher concept that the dance represents. This can be a new partnering style, a way to become a better person, an analogy to a personal relationship, or a philosophical message.

Visual Prototypes

Rather than simply demonstrating a dance step or pattern, show the students how it should look in motion and in action. This can be done by using a dancer or couple in class to demonstrate the step and help students see how it would feel to do it.

Use different strides

One great way to show the steps of a particular dance is by changing your own stride. If you normally strut like a ballet dancer, try hip-hop strides, or just loosen up and put a spring in your step to convey more animation.

Make Your Classes More Interactive

Another great way to keep your classes more interactive is by asking questions of the students throughout the lesson. This not only helps to engage them in the activity, but it allows you to gauge how well they are understanding the material.