Popular Dances

Apr 2, 2023 Uncategorized

popular dances

Popular dances are a type of social dance that involves a group of people dancing together. There are a variety of popular dances that include Latin and Ballroom styles.

Popular dance forms are characterized by compact movements that can be performed with ease on the dance floor. These dances are most often performed to rhythmical music that is played in bars, clubs, and parties.

Jive – The Jive is an acrobatic dance style that originated during the 1930s and 1940s with American swing music. It consists of six and eight count patterns and is done to fast swing music. It is similar to East Coast Swing and has the same bouncy feel.

West Coast Swing – This dance is very smooth and doesn’t have a bounce like East Coast Swing, but it does have six and eight count patterns. It is usually danced to medium tempo swing music, but can also be danced to fast tempo swing music if the dancer has a high skill level in this dance.

Disco – The disco craze of the 1970s brought a new wave of dance styles to the urban nightclub scene. Many of these styles are still popular today.

Krumping – In South Central Los Angeles, a new dance style emerged from the hip hop craze of the 2000s called “Krumping.” It combines hip-hop moves with more upright movement than breakdancing, which makes it easier for beginners to learn.

Rumba – The rumba is a romantic, sultry and passionate dance that combines both African and Latin dance elements. It is considered one of the most beautiful dances in the world and can be performed to any type of music from sultry jazz to upbeat Latin.