Popular Dances

Apr 9, 2023 Uncategorized

Popular dances are a collection of musical dance styles that have become popular throughout the world. These include ballet, modern dance, tap dance, jazz and more.

Ballroom Dancing

The waltz was one of the first dances to be introduced in Europe during the mid-19th century and has since become a favorite among people around the world. It is a slow, graceful two-person dance that has been greatly influenced by the music of Johann Strauss.

Swing dancing is a form of dance that emerged in the 1920s and was highly influenced by jazz music. It also included the Lindy Hop, a dance that became a worldwide sensation during the Prohibition era of the United States.

Disco dancing is a type of dance that originated in the 1950s and was fueled by an RnB or funk derivative sound and a hi-hat-assisted beat. It quickly spread throughout the country and became a staple of dance clubs.

Novelty and Fad Dances

Many popular dances started as a short-lived novelty or fad. They can be a great way to add fun to any party or event, but they usually only last for a few months. Some are longer lasting, though. Some of the most popular fads and crazes include the Twist, Y.M.C.A and Hokey Pokey. Some of these crazes have even spawned entire genres of dance, such as hip hop. The most famous example of this is the dance called Gangnam Style, which has accumulated over a billion YouTube views.