Dancing Tips and Tricks – How to Control Your Long Legs

Apr 13, 2023 Uncategorized

Dancing Tips and Tricks

One of the biggest problems that dancers face is that they often find it difficult to control their long limbs. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to help yourself.

1. Practice is key – learn and memorize as much of the choreography as you can!

Whether you’re learning new combinations in class or preparing for an audition, practicing over and over again is the most effective way to get the choreography into your body.

3. Practice is also important when you’re performing in front of an audience or on the dance floor. This helps you feel confident and comfortable on stage.

4. Focus on your posture – rib cage lifted, shoulders down and relaxed, abs engaged, pelvic tucked and soft knees.

5. Practice is also important when you’re learning the music for your dances – familiarize yourself with it and listen for the beat to connect emotionally and physically.

6. Write down your steps – this is an easy way to recall your movements and corrections later.

7. Take note of the context – words, labels or keywords, lyrics, rhythms, sounds and other nuances that may make the choreography easier to remember.

8. Touch is a memory tool – use your hands to cue yourself when learning a new combination, even when you’re alone.

9. Be honest with yourself – don’t let the negative thoughts in your head affect how you dance!

Mental confidence is a necessary first step to overcome some of the challenges that can hinder a dancer’s progress.