Choosing a Dance Lesson Starting Point

Apr 29, 2022 Uncategorized

dance lesson

Choosing a dance lesson’s starting point is crucial. Your student may enjoy exploring different body movements, or they may be studying specific areas of dance curriculum. For your dance lesson to be the most effective, focus on one or two concepts that will tie everything together. Conceptual dance teaching is more effective than a steps-only or theme-based approach, which robs students of the fundamentals of dance technique. Instead, choose a dance lesson starting point that will spark thought and inquiry among students.

When teaching choreography, your students will learn about the elements of dance and ways to organise movement material. During the lesson, you will help them respond to the dance they perform as well as to the choreography of others. This will reinforce English skills and enhance their perception of the process. Once the students have achieved the dance basics, they can begin to teach choreography on their own. You can even tie choreography to an important story. Learning to choreograph is an essential part of dance!

Once students learn how to follow directions, they can begin exploring the different ways they move their bodies. By connecting body parts in opposite quadrants, they will begin to create complex three-dimensional movements. The next step is to cross the midline, which connects both sides of the brain and improves reasoning and high-order thinking. Another way to develop vertical eye tracking is by experimenting with movement on a horizontal plane. When moving off balance, students will activate their vestibular system, thereby strengthening their ability to perceive movement.