Why Applebee’s Used the Oreo in the Applebee’s Ad Campaign

Jun 24, 2023 Uncategorized

fancy like dance

Walker Hayes is no stranger to twangy hits, but one of his latest has found a whole new home on TikTok. The country singer’s track “Fancy Like” exploded after he and his daughter danced to it in a video posted to the social media platform. The OG clip racked up millions of views and has now helped the song spend sixteen weeks at number one on the Country charts. It’s also made an impression on a few big advertisers, too. In a perfect example of art influencing commerce, Applebee’s used the tune in an ad campaign that saw them resurrect their Oreo shake.

The twangy tribute to the blue-collar cuisine Walker and Lela equate with fine dining has been a major hit for Hayes, who co-wrote it with Shane Stevens, Josh Jenkins, and Cameron Bartolini on his latest EP Country Stuff. The track’s success was boosted by the viral clip and a strong showing on iTunes and Spotify.

It was the latter that proved especially powerful, propelling “Fancy Like” into the top ten in a matter of days after the OG video went live. The song topped the Country chart, earned Hayes some much-needed late night TV appearances, and even resulted in him securing a high-profile endorsement deal with Applebee’s. The hit hasn’t been slowing down, either, and it looks like it will be a major player on country radio all summer long.