Pop Dance Basics – How to Be the Life of the Party

Jun 27, 2023 Uncategorized

pop dance

Pop Dance is a popular street dance style that originated in the late 1970’s from the streets of Fresno, California. The dance is based on quickly contracting and relaxing muscles which cause a jerk in the body, commonly referred to as a “pop”, performed to rhythm and music in combination with various movements and poses. Popping is closely related to locking and breaking dance styles and is often incorporated into these. Closely related illusionary dance styles and techniques are also often integrated into popping such as tutting, waving and liquid motions (also known as digits or turfing).

Popping is commonly performed to funk music but has been seen to danced to disco, electro music and modern hip hop. It is a very fast and technical style of dancing. The dancers use fluid motions with rolls of the hips, knees and head to create unique shapes while incorporating tricks such as double kicks and handstands.

One of the most well known and successful poppers is a Korean boy band, BTS, which has become a global sensation with huge success around the world. The group has made many viral dance videos and have collaborated with other artists such as Coldplay and Halsey. The members of the group are known for their hard work and dedication to perfecting their choreography.

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