Dances Tips and Tricks

Jul 20, 2023 Uncategorized

dances tips and tricks

Dances tips and tricks are essential to advancing your dancers’ technical proficiency. Often, dancers will use the time they are waiting on their partners in line to chat (not a good idea during class) or zone out, but watching others in action can provide dancers with a wealth of information about the movement, what they do beautifully and what they are still working on. It also helps dancers understand why they receive certain corrections from their instructors.

Another tip is to encourage your dancers to use their plie rather than their arms for height in any jump/leap. This is a great way for dancers to avoid getting tired prematurely. Also, remind them to always land in a plie to protect their knees and backs.

A common mistake in a pirouette turn is that dancers whip their arms to gain momentum. This can pull them off balance and can cause the pirouette to turn into a double or triple, which are more difficult.

Lastly, try to inspire your dancers to get creative with their movements. Taking inspiration from different forms of art, such as two-dimensional paintings, can help create dynamic movement that gets the audience’s attention.

Also, try to encourage your dancers to experiment with different styles of music to find the best match for their movements. For example, fast songs about having fun can inspire different movement than slow, heartbreak-focused ballads. The beat and lyrics of the song can influence how the dancers connect emotionally and physically to it.