Popular Dances on TikTok

Jul 23, 2023 Uncategorized

popular dances

A number of dance trends have risen and fallen over the years, but some have become extremely popular and well-known. Whether it’s the “Renegade” dance to Cardi B’s WAP or the 2022 dance craze of Mikael Arellano’s routine to Taylor Swift’s Bejewelled, these amazing TikTok dances have made their way into the hearts and minds of everyone who has the app.

Jazz dance

The popular dancing style of jazz combines ballet, modern, tap and hip-hop. It is characterized by its fast and energetic movements that often include spins, jumps and leaps. Jazz dancing is usually performed to upbeat, contemporary music and has its roots in African dance, English clog dancing and Irish jigs. Jazz shoes are designed with split soles to offer dancers the freedom to bend and move their feet.

Disco dance

The disco music of the 1970s would have never found such popularity if it were not for its highly entertaining and easy-to-do dance moves. These movements, which are influenced by ballet and modern dance, are generally accompanied by upbeat music and can be synchronized.

Rave dance

The sexy, dramatic and freestyle movement of rave music is all about expressing one’s moods through motion. This high-energy dance style is influenced by ballet, jazz and hip-hop and is typically performed in dark clubs or outdoor festivals with electronic music. Dancers wear a range of costumes to match the theme of their dance and are encouraged to express their unique personality through their movement.