Our Participants Love Us!

Testimonials from Dancers and Skaters, Parents, Teachers, Studio Owners, Arena Managers, Our Stars, and more!

“I am very honored to say we had the opportunity to have Skate Dance Dream at the Kettering Ice Arena. I was excited from the start to be able to have this amazing event come to our area but it truly was inspirational to watch. The young athletes worked so hard and the entire time all you saw were smiles and heard laughter. They had the times of their lives skating and dancing with their idols. I stood back and watched Ryan Bradley with the young group of skaters and they just looked up at him with star struck eyes. It truly reminded me of the dreams of young athletes and how just a moment can leave a stamp on who they are and what they work for. The Skate Dance Dream crew was great to work with and the memories all of the young athletes have from it is priceless.”

– Angie Riviello


“Our daughter, Tori, participated in Skate Dance Dream and had a great experience. She was so excited to interact with the “stars” of the show and found out that they were just like her-a skater that comes to the rink every day to work hard. The opportunity to interact with skaters at all levels and to put together a great show in a matter of days was awesome. Additionally it was a unique experience to see the skaters and dancers interacting and learning from each other about performing. Overall I would recommend others to participate in a Skate Dance Dream show. Tori is looking forward to the next one already.”

– The Bennett Family


“I asked Sydney why she likes Skate Dance Dream, and she said it is because it is so much fun. She told me that she has fun with Parker and Marissa and all the rest of the show staff who all treat each kid like they ARE one of the stars and are important to the success of the show, and that while a few times she has met some of her old skating friends at one of the shows, she has made a bunch of new friends. We like Skate Dance Dream because of the special joy Sydney gets from her participation, and how see seems to grow a little more each time she skates in the show. And of course, we like to see her have such obvious fun, and to have a chance to work with the stars. And then there is the pure entertainment value for all of us in getting to come to the show, meet the new batch of stars and hang out with you and your crew and watch a show come together from a group of individual skaters and dancers, and see it grow into an exciting and successful show.”

– The Upton Family


“We absolutely love what Skate Dance Dream is all about. They inspire kids around the country to pursue their dreams and provide an opportunity for them to showcase their talents. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.”

– Ryan & Ashleigh Di Lello, Top 6 finalists on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”

“I’ve always been someone who enjoyed watching figure skating on the Olympics but I had never gotten a chance to see it live. Getting to work with those talented skaters for the weekend really opened my eyes to how difficult the sport is. I found a newfound appreciation for what these athletes do. I also found that we had a lot in common. It was definitely an experience I won’t forget.”

– Amelia Lowe, Top 14 Finalist on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”


“Skate Dance Dream is a truly incredible show that brings together athletes – both young up-and-coming talent and professionals – to do what they love most. While hopefully the kids are inspired by the stars, I found that I was more inspired by the kids and their dedication, drive, and energy in each show. SDD is such a wonderful opportunity and a fun show for all.”

– Emily Samuelson, Olympian & U.S. National Silver Medalist (Ice Dancing), Figure Skating


“Skate Dance Dream is such a great experience. I love being able to skate with the kids, and it’s also really interesting watching the dancers and seeing how they perform. I also love the friendly atmosphere and meeting everyone and just being around the dancers and other skaters. I always have so much fun at each show, and I like that I make new friends too.”

– Courtney Hicks, U.S. National Figure Skating Medalist


“We have had the pleasure of hosting two Skate dance Dream events here at the Mentor Civic Arena in the past few years. The idea of having local figure skating and dance students participate in a large scale show and have the opportunity to work with professional skaters and dancers is amazing concept. The locals youths get very excited to be a part of the event and the staff are very pleased our facility has been chosen several times. The staff at SDD is great to work with and the amount of time and effort they dedicate shows in the final product.”

– Terri Rosenwald, Mentor Civic Arena, Rink Manager


“The Skate Dance Dream production has been the best experience in my dance career and one of the best life experiences I’ve ever had. You don’t just go to dance, you go to have fun. Being able to meet the people who have been the main source of my inspiration as a dancer is the greatest feeling ever! Everyone at the shows are so encouraging, they even told me that I’m good enough to be on SYTYCD. It means alot to me to hear that from people who have made it to the top. I’ve been in two SDD productions so far and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back. Honestly, if they asked me to go back tomorrow, I’d pack my bags immediately! A Big Thank You to Parker, the SYTYCD cast, the SDD crew, and everyone who has made this opportunity possible!”

– Roman Sheffield-Scheetz – Dancer

“Skate Dance Dream has enriched the lives of our dancers. Parker has a special way of inspiring these kids to go after their dreams and goals. Training with the Stars is an extra bonus the students enjoy. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this class act show.”

– Lisa Stanziale, The Dance Stop Studio Owner


“My students had a wonderful experience with Parker Pennington’s Skate Dance Dream. It was something different, and they loved getting to perform with and meet the skaters. The highlight for them was taking class with Comfort [Fedoke] and learning her choreography for the opening and closing dances. Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!”

– Mary Jo Rimke, Emjaez Dance Studio Owner


“I love what Skate Dance Dream has to offer, not only that it gives the kids such a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with one of their favorite skater or dancer, but also a chance to perform with them. Seeing the faces of the kids full of joy and excitement, while I am dancing right next to them is an unforgettable feeling.”

– Gev Manoukian, Top 10 finalist on Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance”


“We greatly enjoyed the Skate Dance Dream experience! It was a refreshing change from the competitive environment and wonderful to see my skater truly dedicate herself to the character of her performance without the stress of attaining the next set of IJS points. While we do have exhibitions at our rinks, it was great to perform in a more professionally-staged setting. Best of all, it was great meeting the excellent staff and star performers in a relaxed, camp-like setting and seeing the mutual enjoyment of young skaters and stars alike.”

– Beth Campbell, mother of skating participant


“My dancer, Marisha Osowski, had a wonderful experience at Skate Dance Dream Kettering, and we hope you come back again next year. Sara Von Gillern was absolutely fabulous with the kids, so friendly, enthusiastic, and supportive. Dancing next to her in the performance was thrilling and a highlight of Marisha’s dance education. Audrey Case was also very sweet and welcoming to the dancers. They all looked like they had a lot of fun!! What a wonderful format you have created. We have attended [other dance] conventions, SDD was a more personal experience. Thank you and the best of luck to you!”

– Lori Osowski, mother of Marisha Osowski – Dancer